33 years without sleep!

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From people active, active, energetic, you can often hear the sacramental phrase: “I have not enough day!” to sleep they depart even with some regret, and when arises the need to work at night, cheer themselves up with a cup strong coffee. Some in the debilitating struggle with sleep even turn to invigorating medications. “I have had the feeling that I’m connected to some kind of space information channel, where I get information from. I became the wealth of the World Mind is available However, in the German city of Halle, a man lives who does not sleep already more than thirty years. And at the same time it does not experience fatigue or discomfort. He is cheerful, fresh, full of creative powers and radiates optimism. The story of Yakov Tsiperovich is unusual and mysterious. In 1979 26-year-old Jacob lived in Minsk, where he tried to poison him jealous spouse. A powerful dose of poison that has entered the body has led to the fact that Jacob’s condition began to deteriorate rapidly. Doctors the hospital where the ambulance delivered the victim, ascertained the state of clinical death. They applied a lot efforts to bring Jacob back to life. Minutes ran, and with each of the hope of the Aesculapius melted away. A miracle happened an hour later. Exactly Jacob’s powerful body needed so much to break tenacious embrace of death. Subsequently, he described his feelings from being between life and death: “I turned into light, which all the time changed its shape and color, and in the form of this light substances with great speed rushed through a giant spiral, from time to time stopping at some of its turns. During of these stops, I seemed to absorb a powerful stream disparate and strange information. Everything was there: past, future, the present. But the stream that carried it all through me is clear made it clear that the time that flows on earth does not have here no value, and therefore the past, present and future are simply does not exist! “Medikov was amazed that Tsiperovich denied everything generally accepted medical canons. What happened seemed to them unbelievable – because brain cells die after a few minutes after cardiac arrest! But in the case of Tsiperovich this is not happened. Doctors did not know how to explain such a miracle. They With they stared in amazement at how Jacob fights death and defeats her. However, having regained consciousness, he could not for six months to speak, a pen and paper served as a means of communication for him. Only after prolonged treatment, he returned to an active life. But the reckoning it turned out to be unusual and severe for this – Jacob lost his ability sleep. Moreover, in the first months he could not even lie down. Was worth him to take a horizontal position, like some invisible springs threw him out of bed. The wakefulness continued at first weeks, then months, and then years. For many years without sleep. At first it caused him panic and horror, Jacob estimated what happened as a punishment for your wrongdoing and sins. Passed a few years before he realized: you can live in the incredible state of constant wakefulness. He read a lot at night, mused, walked. LIFE OUTSIDE TIME Jacob’s appeal to to the luminaries of medical science with an urgent request to explain what happening to him, to no avail. Academics and professors examined Jacob, scanned the brain, checked the condition of the liver, kidneys, lungs, endocrine glands, studied a cardiogram, the test results were astonishing – everything was normal. The only deviation from it was body temperature. She is at Tsiperovich ranged from 33 to 35 degrees. Disappointed in traditional medicine, Jacob tried to restore sleep with psychics. It was received by Dzhuna, Minsk specialists Plavlinsky, Alekseev and Semenova. But they all together said: “You are absolutely healthy, no abnormalities! ”Tsiperovich’s phenomenon attracted attention of journalists and filmmakers. Books are written about Jacob, articles and filmed over seventy films. But the authors are not one step came to a solution to his phenomenon. “A strange thing happened to me – “I stopped feeling the passage of time,” Jacob told them. – For me it does not seem to exist. There is no division by day or night, all this single indivisible process. For me, life is like one huge day. I believe that a sense of timelessness is a consequence of conditions when the body suddenly becomes not subject to the process aging. I live out of time. More precisely, I am not subject to him! To me life seems to be forever! “And another incredible thing happened with Jacob during the years of round-the-clock wakefulness – he stopped aging. The skin continued to be youthful and supple gait – energetic and springy. Jacob’s existence as if refuting all the laws of human existence. He was very afraid then that the body will not withstand monstrous loads and will give a fatal a failure. But, fortunately, this did not happen. In 1995, Jacob became interested yoga, eastern philosophy, began to comprehend complex art meditation. The ability to lie back returned to him, but the dream never came. At the same time, Jacob did not feel any discomfort. By his recognition, he acquired an unusual capacity for work. His brain began to absorb knowledge that simply had nowhere to come from. “I have there was a feeling that I was connected to some kind of space information channel, where I get information from. I became the wealth of the World Mind is available, “Jacob admitted. Information from different branches of knowledge came without any sequence. Some higher powers gave analysis to many events that, as it seemed to Yakov, had not even happened. Highly he could not understand much. NEW STAGE Absolutely unexpectedly in Tsiperovich woke up talents about which he had earlier and did not suspect. Jacob began to write talented philosophical poems and prose. Fate gave him another talent – the ability is very keenly feel people. He seemed to read their thoughts, penetrated into a specific person with whom I talked, and began to feel everything just like him. Tsiperovich suddenly realized that he had become completely different by man. He felt his soul and his body differently. It seemed new and unfamiliar to him. Gait, habits and traits have changed character. Previously easily excitable, he became much calmer and more tolerant towards others. Long months young man comprehended himself and got used to a new state. Meanwhile the rapidly renewed organism continued to amaze Jacob. is he felt an unusual surge of strength, increased in volume muscles, freshened complexion. When they stuck to him on the street drunken hooligans, he – previously frail and weak – scattered them like naughty kittens. Somewhere the feeling of tiredness disappeared. Tsiperovich decided to test his body and set the limits of physical of opportunities. For eight hours with short breaks he squeezed from the floor more than ten thousand times, without experiencing no fatigue. He easily traveled many kilometers on foot and I felt great at the same time. I started to work out with a barbell and made great strides in weightlifting. In 1996, Jacob married a year later, the spouse gave him a son. Happy family moved from Minsk to Germany. In the life of Tsiperovich began a calm and harmonious period. He considers 33 years without sleep as new life stage. “The most valuable thing I have gained in it,” says Jacob is an experience of communication with an incomprehensible and unknown world, which gave me the opportunity to take a fresh look at this life and consider the metamorphoses that happened to me as wonderful gift of fate. “Vladimir Petrov

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