4 year old boy remembered his past a life

A photo open source Four year old boy from Virginia claims to remember his past life in which he served navy marine, and then died in the fire. Andrew Lucas amazed of his parents in a story in which he told about memories from his past life. The family decided that Andrew would take part in The Ghost Inside My Child program, which not only aims to study such cases with children, but also helps recall in more detail their past incarnations. As a result in In memory of Lucas, new details of his past life appeared. is he remembered that he served in the army with the rank of sergeant, that his name was Val Lewis and that on October 23, 1983 he died in a bomb explosion in Beirut. To get to the truth, the boy’s parents decided go ahead and show the child the photograph in which they were depicted colleagues of the deceased sergeant. Parents are not surprised there was a limit when Andrew recognized his people in these strangers friends from a past life and wanted to meet them. In spite of that the boy’s memories are intriguing, yet they were met with a certain amount of skepticism. As with other alleged cases of reincarnation, it is not completely clear whether the child is remembers his past life, or does he share strangers either fictional memories …

Life Reincarnation

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