47-year-old woman does not look older 25 year old

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Women spend a lot of money to get rid of wrinkles and return to its former attractiveness. But the 47-year-old Briton is ready for anything, if only signs appeared on her smooth face aging.

At the age of 24, British Anne married Anne. his peer Christopher Bolton (Christopher Bolton). At first the spouses did not cherish souls in each other, but after five years in The Bolton family began to have conflicts. The reason for the quarrels was Ann’s appearance – old age bypassed her. “Shortly before how I was supposed to be 30 years old, my husband noticed that I I’m attracting the attention of guys who were much younger than me, and Began to be jealous, ”the woman recalls. – Over the years, the difference is appearance between me and Christopher has led people to become consider him a man with strange inclinations, marrying a young to the girl. I did my best to look older, but that’s not helped. ”

A photo from open sources

Two children and 8 years of married life did not affect the desire of the head of the family to divorce Ann and thereby get rid of gossip behind your back. Mother of two sons hard experienced a divorce and ignored all attempts by young people to strike up communication. However, 4 years after a painful breakup a woman met Brian Graham, who He did not hide his pride in his beautifully looking girlfriend. “His really liked the way I look, and he constantly told me compliments. Even when I gave birth to him Joshua and Jacob, my appearance has not changed at all. But when Brian turned 42 years, the curse of my eternal youth again made itself felt. Husband began to annoy, and later enrage, the questions of who he told me have to be – a father or an older brother, ”- with a sad smile says a mother with many children. In the end, Ann’s second marriage broke up, and again she was left alone. The British tried to communicate with young boyfriends, but quickly realized the fallacy of their actions. “At first I was flattered to receive attention from the guys, and a couple since I agreed to go on a date. However, the conversation with them was incredibly boring – they talked only about cars and night clubs. I realized that such guys do not interest me, ”- quotes 47 year old female correspondent. Anne’s last attempt to fix personal life became 32-year-old electrician Paul Smith (Paul Smith). “This the union nearly drove us both crazy. Paul called dirty lustful a goat, and me a gold digger, who lived with a man for money, – describes the British reaction of others. – Everything repeated: we got divorced and my ex-husband left town. ”

A photo from open sources

The woman tried to escape from sad thoughts and looked consolation in communication with sons, but older children began to shun mother, because she scared the girls from them. “My age sons believed that they were busy and it annoyed the guys very much. Relations with friends were also destroyed: friends envied and Jealous of their husbands. So I became a persona non grata even among good friends. Every morning I peer with hope in his reflection in the mirror, trying to find at least one wrinkle, but my skin is still smooth. My youth has become a real curse – children, like my peers, do not recognize me, men shun, and with youth I have nothing to talk about ”, – Ann concludes sadly.

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