5 most creative acts of revenge

We want to declare right away – we do not approve of revenge and believe that in the vast majority of cases, it only exacerbate the situation. AND all the same … sometimes the Avengers are so witty and resourceful that it’s hard not to recognize their actions as “restoring the trampled justice. ”

1. The man who turned the police website into a site for protests against fraud with video clips

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The work of video fixators raises many questions – getting by mail notification of a fine, you sometimes do not completely understand about what kind of violation is involved. However, most car owners prefer to pay rather than mess with the long and dreary clarifications.

Computer Designer Brian McCrery of Bluff City Tennessee) was not included in this majority.

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Brian McCrery

Bluff City has long been attached to roadside cameras bad reputation. It was rumored that the local police had made traps for pumping money out of innocent drivers.

So when in 2010, McCrery received a receipt in the mail to pay a fine for speeding, then immediately went to the site the police station to find out the emergency number and still deal with his alleged violation. At the cop site, to his surprise, he found an urgent warning in which said that the delegation of the domain of the police station about to expire.

Imagine the situation: a professional computer engineer, outraged come from nowhere fine, suddenly finds out that the website of this the department itself can soon go into anyone’s hands. Well, how was miss this opportunity?

A few days later, the police site magically stopped to be a policeman and turned into a gathering and demonstration site materials devoted to fraud with video cameras, Including location of the “wrong” cameras and recommendations by their detour.

Site owner McCree collected material and wrote a series of articles about how much money these cameras earned for insatiable cops and how these incomes were distributed.

When it became clear that 50 percent of the revenue went supplier of the questionable cameras themselves, interest public to the project began to grow exponentially. On the The site visited up to 90,000 visitors per day!

And the police lived quietly, not even knowing about clouds gathering over them. And were in happy ignorance until journalists from all over the country began to pick them off Phones Only here they decided to visit their site, and at the same time found by email 7 messages that the domain is about to be transferred into the wrong hands.

It meant that McCree did everything completely legal there was definitely nothing to dig into.

2. A robbed student has sent a thief to the whole world

A photo from open sources

Bentley University freshman Mark Bao was furious when Found the missing MacBook Air brand new laptop. Fortunately, the guy was with computers on “you” and took advantage of a browser-like backup system to get remote access to a stolen computer.

So he began to regularly visit the stolen laptop and remotely view files and the history of a thief. And soon figured it out by registering on Facebook. Then I found something else interesting: video. Thief had fun filming himself dancing idiotic dancing with the built-in video camera.

There were several videos and … they were clearly not intended for prying eyes. As soon as Bao discovered them, he decided that he tore jackpot. The identity of the offender was established and the compromising evidence was collected. You think Bao ran to the police, demanded to arrest the thief and to return a device dear to your heart? No, that was obvious to him not enough.

He selected a couple of the most ridiculous videos with dance exercises unclean rogue on hand and posted on YouTube under the name “Do not steal computers from those who know how to enjoy. ”

The clip instantly became a hit (1.7 million views). Soon the guy himself came across this video and found out about his extraordinary popularity. When friends and acquaintances recognized him as “famous dancing computer thief, “then he died at all, and the guy he carried the stolen item to the police station. And then he wrote Bao penitential letter asking to remove the video.

The video is still hanging:

3. Do not despair a person with bulldozer

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One of those unfortunate people who lost their home in 2008 was someone Terry Hoskins. His family business fell apart and home loan worth 350 thousand dollars there was nothing to pay. To to avoid foreclosure of mortgages, Terry put the house up for auction, but the only buyer was ready to give for him only 170 thousand On the one hand, it was less than half of the original prices, but on the other hand, at least allowed to cover all debt jar, and even a little remained.

The situation was such that already and this option did not seem the most the worst. In general, Hoskins was relieved to inform the bank about upcoming deal.

To which the bank replied that they would not accept these agreements can.

The bank calculated that it’s much more profitable for them to select a house and sell it yourself. And that for Hoskins was already really a real disaster.

Desperate father of the family looked for the last time to the house where he lived for more than a dozen years.

A photo from open sources

Now he had nothing – neither a cozy family nest, nor established business. Of all the property, only bulldozer. Hoskins started the engine …

Work was in full swing for two hours.

When the bank representatives appeared, the house looked like this:

A photo from open sources

Of course, Hoskins will still have to pay a bunch to this bank. money, but at least he took his soul …

4. How a prisoner put a pig in the police

A photo from open sources

The leadership of one of the correctional institutions in Vermont tried as often as possible to give their wards different creative tasks that would help them pass the time and money to earn extra money.

For their execution, prisoners who deserved special trust is exclusively “good behavior.” But unfortunately, even the quietest prisoners, as a rule, do not have tender feelings for the police. And when one of them was commissioned to decorate the doors of several Vans of Vermont police logos, he could not resist the temptation.

Having accessed the computer where the file with the ready logo, he made his own changes to it. The Avenger is not even particularly I tried to mask the changes – it’s clear that they will exist not for long, because the police will immediately notice the difference and change logos on normal.

A year has passed. One policeman tried to wipe a dirty stain on his company car, when he suddenly noticed this:

A photo from open sources

For a year, police drove around in cars with clearly visible depicting a pig. (If you are unfamiliar with American slang, then prisoners among themselves are called guardians of pigs; approx. mixstuff.ru)

All machines with a “pork” logo were actively used, and it was quite difficult to fix the embarrassment. Whole operation on getting rid of such provocative logos lasted about four months.

5. How a group of polite people drove telephone boors

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Todd Stave was an ordinary landowner from Massachusetts. In everything except for one: his tenant was a clinic where they had abortions. it meant that his private estates were often besieged by protesters. Despite the fact that Stave himself was convinced that every woman has the right to choose abortion, he tried to be tolerant, and recognized the right of the public to express his point of view and didn’t even mind that national anger pour out in his private territory.

The protesters, on the whole, also behaved quite correctly. All, except for activists of a group called Protect Life, which soon tired of fighting with no attention to them clinic, and they brought down all their anger at Stave and his family.

A photo from open sources

Todd Stave

Once, five members of the organization “Protect Life” staged a rally protest outside the school building of Stave’s 11-year-old daughter. In their hands were posters with photos of Steve himself and various personal information and all sorts of creepy pictures that were supposed, by design, to leave an indelible imprint on the children’s psyche.

This action “Defenders of Life” caused a real shock even opponents of abortion. But the group was not going to stop. The next item on the program was telephone harassment. Activists called at any time of the day or night and, unashamed in expressions, threatened all members of the Stave family.

And then Stave assembled a group of volunteers called “Voice of choice. “The task was simple – call back the telephone terrorists after each call.

Members of the Voice of Choice did not threaten or be rude – just polite thanked the “Defenders” for prayers and good wishes, but at the same time reminded that their opponents also have the right to their own opinion. And that’s it. Each member of the Voice of Choice movement called queues, and each time about the same text sounded. And always very polite.

The movement grew and grew, until finally, on one boorish call in Steve’s house did not receive about 5,000 callbacks from “Voices of Choice.”

Protect Life activists were forced to retreat, and reverted to the usual practice of protesting abortion without telephone threats towards Steve and other dirty tricks.

Time Money Life

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