6 Australian farmer cows died at once mysterious circumstances

6 cows of an Australian farmer died at once under mysterious circumstancesA photo from open sources

A farmer from the Australian city of Bodesert was amazed when I saw 6 of his cows lying in a straight line near fencing. All animals turned out to be dead, and most likely they instantly died all at once. Derek Shirley claims he never I met nothing like this. At first, the man considered his cattle died of a lightning strike but found no trace electrical damage on the bodies of animals.

In total, 4 cows and 2 died under mysterious circumstances. the calf. The owner of the farm estimates his loss at 10 thousand Australian dollars. Local expert, Dr. Karl Krushelnitsky, also can not find what was happening rational explanation. More all specialist is surprised by the fact that the heads of dead cows were pushed through a wire fence. Maybe it’s all the fault aliens that scared away animals and made them run all together to the fence and then simply remotely killing artiodactyls?

However, there is no evidence of interference with animal bodies by the doctor discovered, why this anomaly seems very strange a riddle, the answer to which, most likely, will not be received either by a scientist or especially the farmer himself. It’s good that the cattle were insured, however insurance companies will also require evidence of real, not the mythical death of cows …

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