65-year-old German woman is about to give birth immediately 4!

A photo from open sources

We didn’t have time to stifle passions on the article about Muscovite Galina Shubenina, who decided to give birth at 62, as it came even more awesome news from Germany: 65-year-old German citizen going to give birth to 4 at once!

Angret Ronig – a resident of Berlin, a teacher of Russian and of English language. As we remember, Galina Shubenin to her brave The decision was pushed by the death of her only son. The reason is equally Angret’s bold decision was also made by children, but in a slightly different way. sense.

A photo from open sources

A resident of Berlin has children as rich as anyone: she already has 13 children. She gave birth to the last child already surprising doctors – at 55 years old. When little Leila grew up, she began to ask mom to give birth to her brother or sister, to have someone to play with. And Angret decided yet one marathon with sleepless nights and diapers.

Preparing for pregnancy, Angret passed a course of reproductive treatment. When asked by journalists how she managed to get pregnant, answers frankly: donor eggs and sperm.

A photo from open sources

When the doctor told Angret that all the results exceeded all the wildest expectations and the woman wears four, Angret experienced and joy and shock. Doctors immediately suggested Angret do partial abortion to reduce the number of embryos, laying on the fact that giving birth 4 at that age is simply dangerous. At the advice of doctors Angret refused, deciding to save all four: “I don’t I’m afraid. I will monitor my health and try at the time of birth to be in good physical shape. “She does not plan to give “extra” children for adoption: “They are all my children.”

According to doctors, a joyful event will happen in the summer. We hope that the birth will be successful and the population of Germany will soon time will increase by 4 citizens.


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