71-year-old woman has never felt in her life pain

A 71-year-old woman never felt pain in her lifeA photo from open sources

Elderly Scottish woman Joe Cameron, who lives in the city of Inverness, born with a rare genetic disorder due to which she completely does not feel physical pain.

Local doctors knew well about the condition of their patient, however only recently decided to communicate this information to scientists. People of science quite surprised when they learned that this elderly woman never complains of pain and even tolerates many operations without anesthesia for of your own free will.

Scientists from the Institute for Biomedical Research in London found out that Joe finds out about her injuries only if when he sees blood or smells burning skin. Tartan can eat the sharpest foods like red pepper, absolutely not feeling burning in the mouth. In addition, she rarely gets depressed, anxiety, panic, or fear. Once Cameron suffered a major accident, however, behaved as if nothing had happened.

The researchers conducted a genetic analysis and determined that in Retired DNA There are two mutated genes, which are exactly responsible for the lack of painful or unpleasant sensations in her. One of the mutations was discovered for the first time in the history of science.

Of course, possessing such an ability is not as pleasant as may seem at first glance. Once our heroine broke hand, but found out only a few days later, complaining doctors on the inability to properly control the limb.

Experts say that they intend with all carefully study the Cameron genome to find an opportunity through genetic engineering to relieve people of chronic pain and other misery. Even more interestingly, this woman has faster than many other people, wounds heal, even now at seventy odd years old and this unique ability of the plaid researchers until they can’t even find the reason.

According to Joe, she considered her condition for a long time absolutely normal, especially since they didn’t happen to her in her youth no tragedies, even minor injuries, but because it is only in old enough realized that other people are capable to suffer from something she had never experienced. Such a discovery although it surprised our heroine, but almost did not change her a life.

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