86-year-old woman conquered Kilimanjaro

86-year-old woman conquered KilimanjaroPhotos from open sources of

Angela Vorobyov from Ulan-Ude set a new record – at the age of 86 years old, she managed to conquer the highest point of African continent – the extinct volcano Kilimanjaro. Moreover, being on 4000 meters high, the old woman also danced tango.

86-year-old resident of Ulan-Ude Angelina Vorobyova decided to get to the Guinness Book of Records and set a new world record. Woman managed to conquer the highest point in Africa – Kilimanjaro volcano, whose height is 5895 meters. The record holder went camping October 29, 2015. Even the lack of professional experience in mountain climbing did not stop the woman before this a bold act.

Together with Angela, her 67-year-old daughter went on a mountain trip Vera Vorobyeva along the famous route Lemosho. This time of year on at the top of the mountain tropical monsoons rage, so when As the heroines ascended, numerous torrential rains and slippery paths. Spend eight days in the highlands in bad weather – the task is not easy, and not only for beginners, but also for professionals. But this could not stop the two women, and they boldly went on an expedition.

“At an altitude of four kilometers above sea level, we are my daughter decided to dance the tango. And after overcoming the mark of 5000 meters we were lucky to see a real dawn. Dawn over the clouds are incredible! ”

Today, when the desired result has already been achieved, a woman can only envy, because not everyone, moreover, in such old age, agrees to go through many trials, to climb one of the highest peaks in the world.

“I dedicate my record to sister Lida, who was 6 years old I’m older because born in 1923. But it so happened that at 12 she died at the age of summer. I really loved my little sister. October 29th, when I conquered the peak – her birthday, “- emphasizes the angel.

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