9 of the craziest scientists

The 9 Craziest ScientistsA photo from open sources

1. Vladimir Demikhov and his two-headed dog In 1954 Vladimir Demikhov shocked the world by showing off a monster created Surgically: a two-headed dog. He created this creature in laboratories on the outskirts of Moscow, transplanting the head, shoulders and front puppy’s paws on the neck of an adult German shepherd. Both heads at the same time lapping milk from bowls, and then the creature shrank from fear when milk began to flow from the puppy’s head through cropped esophageal tube. In just fifteen years, Demikhov created twenty two-headed dogs. None of them lived long since they inevitably died due to tissue rejection. One month was a record deadline. 2. Stubbins Fierf – Doctor Drinking vomiting Medical student Stubbins Firf, who lived in the early 19th century in Philadelphia, watching how yellow fever raged in the summer, but in the winter it disappeared, came to the conclusion that it was not contagious a disease. To confirm this theory, Firf demonstrated that no matter how hard he tries to contract yellow fever, that’s not was happening. He began by making small incisions, and watered them with “fresh black vomit” received from patients yellow fever. Then he instilled vomiting in his eyes. is he boiled it in a pot and inhaled the fumes. He made a pill out of vomit and swallowed it. And finally he got to the point where he drank whole glasses clean, undiluted black vomit. And still not infected. TO Unfortunately, he was mistaken. Yellow fever is very contagious, but for this it is required to enter the bloodstream directly. Usually it due to mosquito bites. 3. Joseph Mengele – “Angel death “Joseph Mengele – German” doctor “who conducted experiments on prisoners of the Auschwitz camp during World War II. Doctor Mengele personally engaged in the “selection” of prisoners arriving at the camp, and during his work he sent more than 40,000 people to gas death camp cameras. Mengele filled his time with numerous acts of the most vile cruelty, including the anatomy of the living babies; castration of boys and men without use anesthetics; subjected women to high voltage current the pretext of testing their endurance. In one of the cases of Mengele even sterilized a group of Polish nuns with x-ray radiation. Dr. Mengele was of particular interest. Twins. In 1943, Mengele chose twins from the total Arriving at the camp and put them in special huts. Out of 3 thousand only 300 survived the twins. Mengele’s experiments contradicted medical ethics and human morality. Among them were attempts change the color of the child’s eyes by injecting various chemicals into eyes, organ amputations, attempts to sew twins together and others inhuman operations. The survivors of these experiments, were killed. 4. Giovanni Aldini and his electric dances In 1780, the Italian professor of anatomy Luigi Galvani discovered that electric discharges make limbs twitch dead frogs. But Galvani’s nephew – Giovanni Aldini – experimented on corpses. He traveled to Europe and offered the public to look at the effect of current on animals and people. His most an outstanding demonstration took place on January 17, 1803, when he connected the poles of a 120-volt battery to the body of the executed the killers of George Forster. When Aldini put wires on the mouth and ear, the jaw muscles began to twitch, and the face the killers writhed in a grimace of pain. The left eye opened as if wanted to look at his tormentor. The show solemnly ended by the fact that Aldini connected one wire to the ear, and the other stuck to his rectum. The corpse went into a disgusting dance. Newspaper The London Times wrote: “It might have seemed to an ignorant part of the public that the unfortunate person is about to come to life. “5. Sergey Bryukhonenko – creator living head Soviet physiologist Sergei Bryukhonenko created primitive heart-lung machine called “auto-projector”, and with the help of this device he managed to maintain a dog’s head, separated from the body, alive. In 1928 he demonstrated one of these goals to scientists around the world in the Third Congress of Physiologists of the USSR. To prove that the head lying on the table, was alive, he showed how she reacts to stimuli. Brukhonenko hit the table with a hammer, and his head started. is he shone in her eyes, and her eyes blinked. He even fed his head a piece of cheese that immediately popped out of the esophagus tube onto the other end. 6. Andrew Ure – The Scottish Butcher This Scientist widely known for his achievements in physics and economics. In addition, the doctor managed to put on a terrible experiment. The doctor took corpse and stuffed it with wires and batteries. After applying current, the corpse began to wave its arms and legs so hard that it kicked the assistant. Many of those present believed that the doctor would really succeed. revive a person. 7. Shiro Ishii – Dr. “Pure Evil” Ishii was a microbiologist and lieutenant of the Japanese Imperial Army. In during the Sino-Japanese War he began to conduct his experiments in as part of a secret project of the Japanese army. Among his “merits”: vivisection (cutting live) of living people, including pregnant women who have been fertilized by the doctors of his laboratory; attempts swap human limbs; test grenades and flamethrowers on living people; infecting people with viruses and diseases in order to studying the process of their course. Due to immunity, which the American Peacekeeping Army gave him, Shirou Ishii did not He served a day in prison and died at the age of 67 of throat cancer. 8. Kevin Warwick – The First Cyborg Man Kevin – Worldwide famous person (sometimes scandalously known). He is the leader of the group, which at one time created many exotic cybernetic systems. In 1998, the professor was held an operation as a result of which a tiny chip was sewn into his hand, allowing remote control of devices capable of recognize his signal. But in terms of surgery and cybernetics in that operation was nothing special: the chip was autonomous. In 2002 Warwick had a tiny pad containing a hundred thinnest spikes. The site is stuck in a large nerve in the left hand professors and is designed for two-way exchange of electrical signals with his nervous system. Using a thin wired harness removed from the arm at a distance of 15 cm from the place implantation, internal electronics connected to a radio transmitter, which communicates with the computer. Professor created an external a mechanical arm that completely repeats the movements of his arm. 9. John Lilly – Creator of the Brain Liberator Scientist, following desire to disconnect external stimuli from the brain, invented the world’s first insulated pressure chamber: dark soundproof tank with warm salt water in which subjects could swim for long periods of time in a state of sensory deprivation (isolation). Dr. Lilly and his colleagues were the first to who participated in this study. In the early sixties he got an idea of ​​LSD and started a series of experiments in which he took psychedelics in isolated pressure chambers in company dolphins. In the 1980s, Lilly led a project in which he tried teach dolphins computer-synthesized language. Later Dr. Lilly created a project for the future Communications Lab, which will be a floating living room where people and dolphins could chat on equal terms and where they would find a common language. John foresaw that the time would come when the killing of whales and dolphins will stop, “not because of the law that will be adopted, but thanks to everyone a person who understands from birth that they are ancient, reasonable earthly inhabitants; with great knowledge and great power of life. Not those to kill, but those from whom to learn something. ” The last years of his life, John Lilly lived in Hawaii and was known its eccentricity as well as its steady tendency towards ketamine.

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