A 102-year-old woman has been jumping since 3 years parachute

A 102-year-old woman has been parachuting for 3 years nowPhoto from open sources

Australian Irene O’Shea, 102, is the third year in a row jumps with a parachute, setting every time a world record as The oldest skydiver on the planet.

Great-grandmother did it for the first time in 2016, celebrating so its centenary. She made her third jump on December 9 this year, and not just like that, but with a charitable purpose. Our heroine raises funds for a local fund to fight the disease motor neurons, which affects itself.

In tandem with an experienced instructor, O’Shi jumped from a 4000-meter heights. Free fall lasted about a minute. According to Australian, despite her considerable age, she has not yet plans to abandon such an extreme hobby. If this the woman is destined to live to 110 years old, she is determined to continue parachute every year for another 8 years. Irene is convinced that old age, a person must often take risks and make the most reckless actions as it makes you feel much younger, and therefore, one must assume, and prolongs life.

If the skydiver grandmother is right, then we will certainly write about her and in the next, and in subsequent years. And every time it’s a little miracle will be all the more wonderful, and not only in direct, but also figurative sense of the word. The main thing – God grant her health and inexhaustible optimism …

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