A 5- month miscarriage came to life in the morgue

The boy was born weighing half a kilogram and did not breathe, and the doctors did not try to save him. 20-year-old girl until recently wanted to call the ambulance. Well, the stomach hurts, it stops. But when I could no longer endure strength, I called the doctors. They took the patient to the hospital. Photo from open sources – At the 20th week of pregnancy in a woman there is a miscarriage, says obstetrician-gynecologist Alexander Arkhipov. -She didn’t want to go to the hospital, she told us that she couldn’t be pregnant, and, therefore, what kind of miscarriage can be discussed. Doctors ignored the boy who was born – weighed he was only half a kilogram, he did not breathe, his heart did not beat. And the doctors sent his body to the morgue … But at the pathological office of the child suddenly breathing – without any special apparatus and the help of doctors! When this became known, the boy was taken to intensive care. Till he is in critical condition. Only here mom seems the news that the son survived was not happy. – This pregnancy was unwanted. We told the police to investigate the fact. criminal intervention to terminate a pregnancy, – doctors say. – This is a spontaneous abortion, – in his objection turns Stanislav Tyutrin, Acting department head Criminal Investigation Department of Police No. 2 as part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Ulan-Ude. According to the policeman, the woman first lied where she lives, but in the end she admitted that she was from the village of Zaigraevsky district. She is not married, about whether she has a permanent man, nothing it is known. – We interrogated both the girl herself and her relatives, – said Stanislav Tyutrin. – Material on this case has been collected and will be sent for legal decision to the police department for Zaigraevsky district. It’s still difficult to give any legal assessment. The woman herself claims that she did not know about pregnancy. DOCTOR’S COMMENT “The baby has a chance survive “Obstetrician-gynecologist Zinaida BUDAEVA: – Preterm birth before 22 weeks is considered premature. This boy I think there’s little chance of survival, because he was born on the 20th week pregnancy. But there are chances: with the weight of half a kilogram of kids usually manage to save. It all depends on the doctors and the conditions in which it will nursing. However, it is not a fact that he will grow completely a healthy person.


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