A black ring hangs over Pakistan – “cloud” evil “

A black ring hangs over Pakistan -A photo from open sources

Over the Pakistani city of Lahore (the second largest in the country) at recently a cloud of evil hung, as the locals dubbed it – Muslim believers who thought it was bad an omen.

Black ring-shaped cloud, very similar to its released a giant pipe “smoker”, sailed over the city, leaving its inhabitants completely at a loss: what is it? Some of them (mainly from among the youth) immediately turned to social networks for clarification.

A photo from open sources

Experienced Internet users specify that such black “smoky” rings in recent years began to appear in many corners of our planet. Scientists are trying to explain the origin of their work. factory pipes, but usually next to these mysterious there are no enterprises with giant exhausts black smoke. There is also an explanation that this is a trace of the application fireworks or some kind of explosion in the sky. For example, in 2014 in England there was a case that gave rise to the fireworks “Black Leamington Spa ring. But in any such case, it’s accompanied by sound, and the appearance of artificial black rings were thousands of witnesses, and here …

As conspiracy theorists say, these are traces of the use of climate weapons. Ufologists, in turn, are confident that such rings leave a UFO, for example, while leaving for their world through a “mole burrow. “Whatever it is, in reality no one can with name the nature of this anomaly with accuracy, and understand why “cloud of evil” appears in one place or another, does it mean something (e.g. a bad sign) or is it really a trace any aircraft? Moreover, not necessarily Alien: the military in this regard is no less secretive than aliens.

That’s just why these black rings appear as if from nowhere, and no one had heard a blast before their appearance, or at least some kind of click. Even, oddly enough, none of the “pranksters” claimed responsibility for their appearance, such as in England was in relation to mysterious crop circles …


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