A black ring in the sky has now appeared above By China

The black ring in the sky has now appeared over ChinaPhoto from open sources

Strange black smoke-like rings have been around for three years now, like appear then in one, in another corner of our planet (most often in Europe), causing close attention of ufologists and others researchers paranormalism, and leading into complete bewilderment scientists who still can not explain this natural (with their point of view) phenomenon.

The other day, such a smoky ring appeared in the sky above the city Dalian China, just over the Dalian Bay of the Liaodong Peninsula, most frightening and surprising (someone like) holidaymakers on Jinsitan Beach. IN this time (watch the video), the mysterious ring slowly moved along the coastline. That’s what one of the witnesses says about it “heavenly miracle” Jing Qi:

The formation is rather strange and even mystical, not natural in any way, someone or something is behind his appearance over the beach. After all, as you approach the vacationers on the seashore, the ring suddenly increased in size, thereby allowing admire and take it off in all its glory, and then changed its oval on an angular parallelogram and … disappeared. Fantasy and only …

Since the black ring in the sky was removed by many vacationers on the beach that day, a few appeared on China’s Weibo social network videos covering this extraordinary event. Opinions users on this account are divided. Some consider it some ultramodern visual effects, others saw in smoky circle of migrating insects, but Chinese ufologists sure that this miracle is the work of aliens. Scientists, as always, they keep silent: they have nothing to say so far …


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