A boy preparing for death miraculously healed

A boy preparing for death was miraculously healed.A photo from open sources

A boy with two types of cancer and three types of infection getting ready for his own funeral when he ran into another test – the news that his body is miraculously healed. A few years ago to Deryn Blackwell (Deryn Blackwell) was diagnosed with leukemia (blood cancer). Did not have time the schoolboy and his parents recover from shock, as after 18 for months, doctors have bewitched them with the news that Darin has developed another type of cancer is sarcoma from Langerhans cells. Specialists told the family that the only hope for saving the boy is a bone marrow transplant. In March 2013 Darin’s parents moved from Watton to Bristol, where the first transplant took place, and after a few months were several more transplant attempts were made. However even Surgery, chemotherapy courses and administration potent drugs could not stop the progression two types of cancer. Moreover, during treatment the boy had infection, causing the tissue on his fingers to start gradually die off. “The son survived only through constant injected with antibiotics, but doctors warned that he could not fight two types of cancer and three types of infections. Then I looked at pale Darin with black lips and realized what I needed follow the example of your own child – start mentally to prepare for his death, ”recalls the mother of the schoolboy Callie. – When we accepted this thought, the son said that it was the best day, as he gained peace of mind and finally was able to control own life. He said he was looking forward to continuing his the way, as if talking about adventure. ” Photos from open sources Inexhaustible optimism of the operated dying teenager attracted the attention of many British celebrities who began to visit him in the hospital and embodied in life’s most cherished dreams, including trips to Ferrari and Aston Martin. In December, doctors interrupted the boy’s magical vacation let us know that he has no more than a week left and it is time to say goodbye with relatives. Darin took the news of the end of his life with humility and began to plan his own funeral. Photos from open sources So, he decided that in the crematorium of his brought to the same hearse as Winston Churchill, to the sounds hit “Move Your Feet”, and in the coffin he will lie in a suit with pink mohawk on the head. According to the script of the boy, relatives should have met him in fancy dress. Fortunately him plans never materialized – after four years of struggle Darin’s many ailments suddenly disappeared. Photo from open sources “In mid-January, we said goodbye to as a child, when a son accidentally ripped off a bandage from one of the affected fingers and saw that he had completely healed, ”says Callie. – The doctors who examined Darin were completely perplexed, since he managed to overcome cancer and infections. In addition, after the last bone marrow transplantation, all cells took root. Specialists described the case of his son as impossible. it really unbelievable: two months ago we were preparing cremate him, and now we were told that his treatment was over. True, the incident stunned not only the medical community, but and son. It was easier for him to consider himself dying and go to the open to another world of the door, but recently she slammed shut right in front of him face. Now he himself has to get used to the thought of the miraculous healing. ”

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