A boy with a bottle on his head committing wonders

A boy with a bottle on his head who performed miraclesPhoto from open sources

It seems strange that not all residents of a small the American town of Hazlehurst (Mississippi) know an amazing story that happened here in the late 1960s, when it is not known where a black boy of years appeared on the streets ten with a bottle of Coca-Cola on his head. Yes exactly: it’s claimed that she stood on the head of an unusual child all the time, never falling, an empty bottle from a popular drink.

Once in Hazlehurst, the boy began to appeal to everyone oncoming and say that something will happen to the city soon terrible. The locals were afraid of the little stranger and circumvented him side, and some drove away, but he continued to walk along streets, warning the townspeople of the impending misfortune. Gloomy the prediction came true January 23, 1969 when at Hazlehurst a destructive tornado collapsed, killing 32 people and wounded hundreds of other miserable.

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By that time there was no longer a mysterious boy in the city, which disappeared as unexpectedly as it appeared. No one ever found out where he came from, whether he had a family and, most importantly, what was the nature of his abilities. If you believe the old-timers, the child not only predicted a formidable natural disaster, – he read the fate of strangers, healed the sick and even walked through the air. Many are convinced that this was a real prophet sent By the Lord.

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The little tramp had the greatest influence on the black Hazlehurst population. The story of a shaky wooden bridge, along which the local blacks crossed the river. Once a boy with with a bottle on his head stated that he would show the only sure way move from one coast to another. According to legend, he approached the river and literally walked over it through the air, stunned by dozens of eyewitnesses. After a couple of days, the bridge collapsed, however fortunately, no one was hurt.

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Over time, the townspeople began to relate to the boy significantly it’s better. Many of them, especially blacks, often fed him and allowed to spend the night. Of course, at first glance an unusual property of the child seemed “symbiosis” with glass a bottle that did not leave his crown even during sleep. Perhaps it there was a peculiar joke of the young prophet, and maybe behind it hid a certain meaning, inaccessible to ordinary inhabitants. Now, however, as then, one can only guess about it …

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