A bright blue glow illuminated the night sky above New york city

A bright blue glow illuminated the night sky over New YorkA photo from open sources

December 27 this year, thousands of American residents New York metropolitan witnessed a striking picture. Night the sky above the city lit up by the brightest blue flash, similar to something from a science fiction movie.

Many eyewitnesses of this incredible picture thought so: in the USA attacked by representatives of extraterrestrial civilization (at least Russian). Some citizens even began to panic, and calmed down only after it became clear that nothing scary thing does not happen.

The blue glow lasted in the sky for about half an hour, then sharply went out. Soon, New York authorities made an official statement that there was an accident at one of the local power plants. Say, from here and flashes over the city. Not however, many New Yorkers and ufologists who monitor the situation decided that officials, to put it mildly, introduce residents of the metropolis to misconception. Here before, there were breakdowns at the stations, and very significant, but before such a radiance in the sky never did not arise. In addition, reporters did not write about this accident either lines, and not a single American felt its consequences, although earlier any failure in the power system negatively affected life New York. All this is strange …

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