A bright flash turned the policeman into a handful ashes

A bright flash turned the policeman into a handful of ashes.A photo from open sources

The following video, which appeared on January 12 at “YouTube” was allegedly found in dark back streets Internet, where there is no access to ordinary users. Alleged that some hackers allegedly hacked the Pentagon’s secret servers and downloaded from there are a lot of top-secret materials on unidentified flying objects, extraterrestrial civilizations and collisions of people with aliens. And this, they say, is one of those materials.

A photo from open sources

The video was received in the dark by the DVR police car. We see a law enforcement officer leaving his the vehicle and approaches the car in front which he had stopped before that. Law Guard begins talking to a driver sitting inside the cabin, and then something truly happens unbelievable. Suddenly there is a brightest flash of light, turning a police officer into something resembling a smoking handful ashes. The car the guard was just talking to order, leaves unhindered away. Sorry, time and place this intriguing incident remains unknown.

Mysterious shots made a lot of noise on the World Wide Web, having generated many speculations and theories. Some users claim that the policeman was most likely turned into ashes of “flying plate “accompanying this mysterious car. According to others, the danger was precisely in the car that stopped miserable guardian of order. Some, by the way, suggest that the man did not die, but teleported somewhere, perhaps him just kidnapped like that, but the fact that he was smoking on the road clothes, still does not say anything.


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