A child grows in the USA who reads newspapers with one and a half years.

Illinois five year old becomes member intellectual society Mensa, which unites geniuses from all corners of the planet. At such a young age, the child demonstrates abilities that many adults talk about, not to mention peers, one can only dream. Hus Dorman’s father He said that his son showed interest in reading as early as 1.5 years. Sitting on the potty, the boy read everything from newspaper ads and ending with scientific articles in specialized journals. Once, his parents “planted” a periodic table for him. Result stunned them – after a short time the kid knew the location by heart all periodic elements. A child is growing in the United States who has been reading newspapers for a year and a half.Photos from open sources Photos from open sources

In the end, the young genius became smarter than his mother and father, who confessed: at first he did not even realize how unique his son was. The fact that his son is a genius was opened by the eyes of family friends.

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“Gus read the inscription on the clothes of our friend. And they were surprised because their five year old daughter still didn’t know the alphabet, ” – says Dorman. He and his wife decided to find out the child’s IQ level. The child passed the Stanford-Binet test and showed a result of 147 points. This is higher than that of Bill Clinton and Napoleon, and slightly worse than that of Sigmund Freud.

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It is worth noting that Gus is experiencing certain problems in school. Of course, they are not connected with poor education. “To him there They say too simple things. He does not know where to put himself from boredom when his classmates are taught the alphabet, “said his dad. He added that the offspring is currently focused on studying astrophysicists. In order for a person to get into Mensa, it is enough for him score 132 points. In this case, the average for the average person is 100 points. The youngest member of the club became a member in two with half a year.

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