“A child hugged by a black hand” appeared in ultrasound time

A photo from open sources

Married couple from the Canadian city of Mississauga, province Ontario, was puzzled and even scared when the spouse passed recent fetal ultrasound examination. Pregnant woman first noticed something strange in the resulting picture.

A photo from open sources

Firstly, the child himself was captured in the photo very unusual. Web users who are not shy in expressions claim that the boy looks like a little smiling demon with a huge nose and with white eyes.

Secondly, the expectant mother suddenly saw on a sonographic something suspiciously reminiscent of a dark hand that hugs the child on the right side. If you wish, you can even consider thumbnail of the alleged demon.

Canadians claim that they don’t believe in all mysticism too much, however, such a find still made them cringe. Suddenly it’s in really bad sign? And will women give birth now to some antichrist?


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