A child in the forest was frightened by something inexplicable, imitating his mother’s voice

The child in the forest was frightened by something inexplicable, imitating the voice of his motherA photo from open sources

This story was told the other day by one of the users. popular English-language social network “Reddit”. Man introducing himself John, wrote in the paranormal resource section phenomena that grew in the 80s in rural areas in the northwest Ohio State USA.

The house of the American’s parents was located near a dense forest, where our hero, as a child, loved to go for a walk. Getting permission mother, the boy ran away to nature, where he could spend long hours, playing alone. However, when it was dusk, John’s mother, usually went outside, approached the trees (it was safer) and called her son home.

Once a schoolboy habitually had fun in the forest and climbed his favorite tree, where he sat for about half an hour. It was late autumn, and it was getting dark early enough. Realizing that you will soon have to returning home, our hero decided to go down. Once caught near the ground, he suddenly heard the familiar voice of his mother and … was stupefied. The boy immediately guessed that there was something wrong.

Firstly, the voice came not from home, but from opposite side, that is, from the depths of the forest. Secondly he sounded somehow strange, indifferent and without any intonation. Finally, exclamations were heard with a clear interval of a few seconds, as if a child was called by some robot (voice recording), and not alive human.

The young American began to peer into the thick forest through the trees, however, I did not see anything remarkable there. Meanwhile voice getting louder, from which it could be concluded that his the owner was approaching a schoolboy. “Johnny! It’s time to come back home! .. Johnny! It’s time to return home! .. “- continued to repeat from the thicket. Realizing that all this was absolutely abnormal, our hero rushed away from this place – towards the house. By the way, his mother ended up in the kitchen, she was just about to go after boy …

John did not dare to tell his parents what happened and still believes that he was faced with something supernatural then. By According to the narrator, there was something in the forest that was trying imitate his mother’s voice, but he didn’t succeed. AND one can only guess why it called the child to itself …

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