A Chinese man who ate a lighter for an argument exploded

A Chinese man who ate a cigarette lighter nearly blew upA photo from open sources

A resident of the Chinese city of Shenyang swallowed the usual dispute lighter. He turned to the help of doctors only three days later. The Daily Mail informs.

According to the publication, a 25-year-old man, being able to intoxicated, in a dispute with friends swallowed a lighter. At the same time, he naively suggested that the lighter will leave the body naturally, so I did not consider it necessary to turn to to doctors.

Two days later, the Chinese again drank with friends, but when he reached to the eighth bottle of beer, he vomited. The stomach started to hurt and the man nevertheless decided to turn to the doctors. During inspection in a medical facility, the patient opened his mouth and the doctor felt strong smell of gas.

A photo from open sources

As doctor Liu Xi himself later said, in three days a lighter corroded by gastric juice, and concentrated gas in the form of a liquid went outside. It’s scary to think what would happen to him if he turned out to be near an open fire, for example, deciding to smoke. He would just exploded!

A photo from open sources

During a medical examination, a man was also found two sores that sooner or later could get fluid from lighters, and then the consequences would be more severe. Doctors conducted a ten-minute operation, which resulted in a dangerous item has been removed.

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