A colossal wave can take the lives of dozens million Mediterranean

A colossal wave can take the lives of tens of millions of Mediterranean peopleA photo from open sources, the Mediterranean is essentially closed, because it may seem that the local residents are not at all afraid tsunami. As well as visitors traveling to coastal hotels. Sometimes there are storms, and their people are completely not afraid – on the contrary, it is even attractive. Can for hours to see amazingly beautiful turquoise waves, lazily drinking Martini.

Real threat

However, more recently, Italian researchers concluded that fearing the tsunami in the Mediterranean is no less than say Japan or Thailand. As it turned out, they can also colossal waves are formed, sweeping upon attack on land everything in its path. Achilles Samaras being a professor in University of Bologna told the public that if on the island of Crete or in Sicily, an earthquake forms in seven to eight points, the Mediterranean can not escape large-scale destruction and tens of millions of lost lives.

Tsunamis with speeds exceeding six hundred kilometers per hour, will move across the sea. Off the coast, their height will reach more twenty meters, which will allow water to penetrate deep into land for many kilometers. Consequently, the danger of incredible destruction is very is real. Scientists estimate that they are not safe from such death about one hundred and thirty million people living in coastal areas. For comparison, the population of Italy is now sixty-one a million people, that is, in the event of such a catastrophe will die, roughly two more Italians!

Tsunami in a relatively calm sea

Experts recalled that in the Mediterranean, big waves observed about once a century. Italians hint that the next offensive of the unsolicited elements may occur tomorrow. The previous blow, as you know, occurred in 1908. Earthquake in Sicily caused huge waves that killed many thousands of people, living in the area of ​​Messina. However, it happened much worse. For example, in 365 BC, the earthquake in Crete was caused by waves that have reached Egypt, Italy and Greece. One only Alexandria then lost five thousand citizens.

German specialists Dieter Kelletat and Rainer Kind working in University of Duisburg-Essen, reported to support their Italian colleagues in their fears. However predict cataclysm is not possible. Until humanity has not yet learned to determine where and when the next earthquake will happen, capable of provoking a tsunami.

Safety net does not hurt

But at least the residents of the European Union can be safe. Researchers insist that the Mediterranean have tsunami warning system. This technology, of course, is not prevent destruction, but allow as much as possible the number of people to leave coastal areas and climb elevations. Large Wave Warning Systems Used residents of Southeast Asia, suffering from the tsunami most.

Moreover, today it’s no secret to anyone that illuminati dreaming of destroying up to ninety percent of the population Earth, have climate weapons and, judging by the increasing frequency natural disasters are already using it. And what they should call the necessary earthquake in Sicily or on the island of Crete? ..

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