Climate Forecasts: Already in This century in the Volga region will grow tangerines

Climate experts' forecasts: tangerines will grow in the Volga region already this century

We will see global warming not only on thermometers, but also on his desk. Scientists from the British MetOffice (analogue Hydrometeorological Center of Russia) mapped climate change – with forecast until the end of the XXI century.

The map is not quite ordinary. Well, who today will surprise you with what a hundred years, the average temperature on Earth will rise another degree or two? She rides every day! But scientists have calculated how these extra degrees will affect everyday life. Completely different agriculture, fishing, winemaking, export will look and import of products. Our food, favorite resorts – in a word, very and a lot of things…

We added to the map of the British calculations of the specialists of Roshydromet – there is a report on the macroeconomic impact of changes climate in our country for the period until 2030 and beyond prospect, as well as research by scientists from other countries.

Russia: more grain and … locusts

An obvious household plus global warming for Russia is reduction of the heating season, which can save fuel and electricity. The warmest winter of the XXI century (2006 – 2007) utilities and enterprises spent 120 million tons of fuel less than usual – and that’s $ 30 billion! Oh, if it were even on our bills for utilities reflected …

True, in retaliation, we risk getting ruinous bills for electricity – we turn on air conditioners more often. Abnormally hot summer 2010, they spent an extra billion dollars on a scale countries.

There is another misfortune: houses wear out faster and require frequent repair. Because in the new climate in autumn, winter and spring the temperature now and then jumps through zero – then plus, then minus. And this quickly destroys materials.

Agriculture benefits: vegetables, fruits and cereals have more time to bear fruit. You can grow fruitful, albeit more moody, varieties. And in warm winters, southern plants will survive in middle lane. Crops due to global warming in the world at large cereals will become lower, but in Russia, on the contrary, higher – this is the conclusion Roshydromet experts.

At least until 2060 – 2070, our climate changes farmers on hand. Especially in the European part of Russia, north 50th parallel (approximately at this latitude lie Belgorod, Saratov, Volgograd). By 2040, there – and to the north – grains will be grown 20 to 30 percent more.

The northern border of agriculture will reach the coast of the Arctic the ocean. And the territory where agriculture is effective will increase 4 to 5 times. Moreover, there will be regions where you can grow cotton, as in Central Asia, and subtropical fruits, as in Abkhazia or Turkey. Cotton breeders can become residents of the North Caucasus. Tangerines, peaches, figs, pomegranates will be collected on the Lower Volga! By the way, subtropical crops also include olives, persimmons, magnolias and palm trees …

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Of the minuses – aphids, locusts, Colorado potato beetles and other pests Feel great in warmth. Locusts get to Yakutia, Chita and Omsk! Ticks creep far north. The climate of the northern regions becomes softer and wetter – for pests just right.

In the south of European Russia, the Southern Urals and in Southern Siberia climate change will be dust storms bringing sand from deserts and semi-deserts. And in the very north, warming threatens intestinal upsets! Water supply and sewerage were built there with counting on permafrost. But the ice is melting, the pipes may not withstand …

Europe: tourists from the Mediterranean flee to Sochi

In Europe, the production of wheat and other cereals will increase. Rains and floods will become less in the mainland. In Britain, on the contrary, showers and floods will intensify.

In the Mediterranean Sea it will become too sultry even for a beach recreation. But on the Black Sea, the climate will already be by 2030, as Now in Antalya, according to Roshydromet. So in the Black Sea resorts make sense to invest – there are chances to drag there Tourists from Turkey or Cyprus. A changing climate will help.

A similar picture is with ski resorts. In the Alps with snow unstable, winter to winter is not necessary. Every decade the trend intensifies, by the end of the century a third of the alpine slopes will remain without snow. Extreme lovers will exchange the usual Alps for the winter resorts in Sweden, Norway, Finland. And Russia. Skating in the Khibiny and Elbrus region is guaranteed, it is up to comfort and infrastructure.

Middle East and North Africa: Water Shortages

In Israel, Egypt and the Emirates, it’s already hot and dry, but temperatures in the region will rise markedly. And moisture will be even less. The Middle East is facing real stress due to water scarcity, predict climatologists MetOffice. Wheat and other products will have to import – from Canada and the USA, as well as from Russia and South America.

India: famine

Here, wheat and corn will be grown less. Rice is more than now. But not enough to feed the rapidly growing population of the country. Tropical cyclones will become more powerful and more likely to be ruin crops, like floods. Huge subcontinent with billionth and by no means rich population will become the center food instability.

Asian countries: less fish

The crisis awaits fishing. And it will affect not only the Chinese and Japanese: Russian supermarkets are now full of fish from southern the seas. And soon, Asia will buy fish … But rice crops – the main food for Asians – will become higher.

USA and Canada: rice instead of corn

Wheat, rice and soybeans will grow better – despite the fact that North America is now the main importer of cereals. And the corn will pop up, to the sadness of the Mexicans and all lovers of tortilla and nachos.

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