By 2030, the ice in the Arctic is completely will melt

By 2030, the ice in the Arctic will completely melt

At the All-Russian Conference “The State of the Arctic Seas and territories under climate change “representative Antarctic and Arctic Research Institute Henry Alekseev reported that by 2030 the Arctic ice can completely melt. According to the scientist, this can happen. due to warming continuing since 1990. Peak reduction ice cover fell on the year before last. Then the area Arctic glaciers reduced by 2 times to 3.37 million square kilometers. “The expected date of the disappearance of ice can be calculated by air temperature data. According to our estimates, it turns out that in 30 – 40 years, it is possible to achieve complete cleansing of ice in Arctic seas in September, “said the expert. However, now in The Arctic is experiencing a drop in temperature, so the melting process ice can slow down.


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