Four states form the first in history climate block

Four states form the first climate block in historyA photo from open sources World history knows examples of unification states in military and political blocs. And here is the climate block countries created for the first time. Brazil, South Africa, India and China, so similar in the parameters of their economies, as it turned out, they have a similar opinion on climate change issues. Why not defend this opinion together?

The essence of combining the climate block is formulating a joint position of developing countries and its contrasting the position of developed countries on climate conferences starting in 2015. Along with other joint climate solutions, China, South Africa, India and Brazil are planning create a green climate fund to support the poorest countries in Climate Change and the Global Fund climate that will fund future research in climate change. Experts acknowledge that influences the climate block will be enough to thwart any attempts the richest countries to impose on the world rules favorable only to them climate game.

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