A “crack” in the Earth’s magnetic field caused abnormal northern lights

A photo from open sources

February 18, 2020 a crack in a magnetic field The earth caused mysterious auroras. Similar phenomenon considered very rare.

Aurora borealis with blue glow filled the sky above the Norwegian Lofoten islands before in an unusual way the green glow that formed illuminated the night sky.

The whole show lasted about two hours, during which by the Rhine mountains, the whole sky was mixed in colors: from pale green, to purple.

Blue auroras are considered a rarity. Most common are radiance green and red. In this case electrons, falling rain from space, excite molecules oxygen.

In the case of blue auroras – the presence is affected nitrogen, and they are formed at heights of more than 400 kilometers.

A photo from open sources

Pay attention to the photo of the aurora (photo under heading) on ​​February 18th. Usually blue is wrong visible, but in this case the opposite is true – the color blue is substantially prevails.

After a few hours, the auroras turned green again, however, their shape in the form of an arch caused observers at the same time surprise and admiration.

Aurora borealis, also called polar, is luminescence of the upper atmosphere of the Earth due to its interaction with a stream of ionized particles of the solar wind. Notably that the polar is observed not only on our planet, but also on others planets of the solar system, where there is a magnetosphere. Glow around magnetic poles have also been observed by scientists on Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Polar Lights

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