A creature resembling a human brain was found in canadian lagoon

A creature resembling a human brain was found in a Canadian lagoon.A photo from open sources

A creature resembling a strange alien organism was found in the lagoon of the Mississippi River in the Canadian province of British Colombia.

Scientists suggest that a mysterious creature may represent a cluster of thousands of primary animals such as bryozoans. Not less say anything with absolute accuracy people of science so far can not. Maybe it’s actually some kind of creepy mutant, an alien or even someone’s brain that has learned to live without a body?

A brown clot of mucus was caught the other day south of the Park. Stanley in Vancouver when Mississippi dropped significantly water. Random Canadians who discovered this monster off the coast were truly amazed at their find. They were afraid to touch her, and therefore, they urgently called specialists who got a mysterious organism from water.

Despite the fact that experts still consider this a bummer (presumably), people of science were also very surprised. According to them, such large concentrations of such organisms never met before, in addition, it is believed that these Colonial animals are not found in the local waters. Therefore not it is possible that the creature found is still of unearthly origin or some amazing mutant. Research him going on …


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