A flying person hit the camera lens

A flying person hit the camera lensPhotos from open sources Levitation is now spoken of as completely physical phenomenon, just the mechanism of such a soaring of a person is not yet understood and not explained in any way by science.

Moreover, there are few levitating people in the world, moreover, remove a person really floating in the air, that is qualitatively, for some reason it does not succeed. It’s the same as taking off UFO. It seems they are fixed on mobile phones and cameras constantly, and There is no normal video.

That’s the same with levitation. The other day in the camera lens accidentally hit a flying man in India, quality, of course, again it’s unimportant why there is even the opinion of YouTube users that this just installation.

However, most users believed in this shoot, more Moreover, there were even those who study this phenomenon in detail and have certain experience in levitation. For example, one of them recalled that in antiquity, almost all churchmen were able to soar in the air, why the church was even forced to prohibit such actions – not take off! And today, all this is forgotten even by the servants of God. From what? Very simple – people eat wheat bread and sugar, which prevent the manifestation of levitation in the body.

This is a misinterpretation of an ancient text, the author continues. comment that “bread is the head of everything,” in fact, given the dictum should be read like this – “bread hits on the head”, breaking it something important. But meat does not negatively affect the possibility human fly.

By the way, another YouTube user, modern young people not only in reality, they forgot how to fly in a dream, although ours ancestors did this constantly and without exception. This suggests that we are not only eating wrong, but also thinking wrong, not to mention our dependence on modern means of communication, which, most likely, do not contribute to the spiritual development of man and do not instill in him the ability to fly. It’s all crutches …


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