A frightening heavenly sign over Los angeles

A frightening heavenly sign over Los AngelesPhoto from open sources

Since the beginning of September, Los Angeles County has been burning again. preliminary estimates of fires covered almost four thousand hectares of forest, which allowed the governor of California to declare a regime PE and start the evacuation of people.

However, this did not surprise the residents of the district, since these fires are not unusual – this happens here every highly. But what’s strange this time is the clouds, unusual, creepy in the form of a thermonuclear fungus or eruption of a supervolcano.

However, there are no similar disasters in this region yet in remember, then where does this terrible heavenly sign come from?

A photo from open sources

Official science, as always, is not able to give any a comprehensible explanation for such an unusual atmospheric phenomenon, therefore, Americans listen more to the words of mystics, who portend them the imminent Apocalypse, most likely for North America, it will be volcanic.

This is indirectly hinted and spread throughout the district the choking smell of sulfur. It’s clear that ordinary forest fires do not characterized by such phenomena. Ufologists, in turn, spoke that strange UFOs have been seen over Los Angeles in recent days, which, for sure, fly here by no means by chance …

A photo from open sources


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