A ghost car from Russia caused a stir in the Internet

A photo from open sources

The Western press is discussing the mysterious second day with interest accident on the Moscow road. DVR of one of the cars captured an unclear Mercedes-ghost who came from made a small accident involving three cars on one of Busy city crossroads.

This video appeared on YouTube at the end of March, but for two weeks, it seems that no one could find an exhaustive explanation auto-puzzle. The video has already collected more than 1.3 million views, the sea “likes” and more than 600 comments on YouTube, as well as hundreds more comments under articles in various publications.

So, on the eve of the incident, Top Gear unsubscribed, noting that in Russia, it turns out, has terrible four-wheeled poltergeists, that come from nowhere and attack other cars. “We watched this clip many times, but did not understand what was happening – so now it’s your turn to unravel … But we are scared, “- writes a popular British auto publication.

Users enthusiastically supported this call. As a result the most popular version among commentators on the Top Gear website has become next: this is how Russia prepares for war with Ukraine, practicing technology neat invisible attacks.

One of the readers of The Daily Mail saw that the dotted line on the road that is, it is absent – from which he concludes that there is no mystery, ordinary video editing. On the Australian site News.com.au draws attention to the fact that after a collision with BMW’s “ghost” mysteriously “blurred” the number plate – which too may indicate that the situation could be creative rigged.


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