A ghost town reappears over China

A ghost town reappeared over ChinaPhotos from open sources of

Over the territory of the People’s Republic of China recently increasingly began to notice a striking phenomenon. In thick smog over major cities of the East Asian state, literally from from nowhere, incredible megalopolises with futuristic suddenly grow skyscrapers, towers and towers. Only in the last two years this the phenomenon has been observed here more than two dozen times, and on the Internet heated debate about the nature of this anomaly invariably flared up.

Needless to say, in fact, no soaring skyscrapers over the usual buildings of Chinese cities does not arise. Not less, these mirages look so clear and detailed that eyewitnesses willy-nilly think of various fantastic the reasons for the appearance of ghostly megacities. In addition, each such the illusion is long enough, therefore, to the World the web always gets a lot of photos and videos of this phenomena.

The reasons for the appearance of the ghost town

Another mirage arose on Sunday, January 15, over the city Yueyang County in the northeast of Hunan. First on two large clouds formed a blurry silhouette, somewhat resembling a fairytale castle, then an optical illusion overnight transformed by acquiring high definition. Over the city as if magic wands grew frightening with their realism skyscrapers that even seemed to be lit were exactly the same as Real houses in Yueyang. It happened in broad daylight, and the phenomenon had the opportunity to see thousands of eyewitnesses.

Below is a video made by one of these witnesses. Volumetric “heavenly” are perfectly visible on the video skyscrapers with distinct walls, roofs and even windows. Where they came from is a real mystery. Some netizens believe that a space-time gap has occurred continuum. Others suggest that this is a malfunction so called the “matrix” where we all supposedly live. Third Commentators We are convinced that representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization are to blame for everything Conducting obscure experiments on the Chinese.

Skeptics attribute the appearance of such anomalies to catastrophic environmental degradation in China. Chinese cities daily covered with thick smog from factories, making local air impervious to the eye. Materialists report that under certain conditions, particles foreign matter in the atmosphere can act as lenses, projecting images of real geographic features over many kilometers, or even hundreds of miles. So, it might just be reflected in the clouds of some real Chinese city. However, no one in China has recognized him yet, although they watched the video tens, or even hundreds of millions of people in China …

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