A ghost town sprang up in the sky over China

A ghost town appeared in the sky over ChinaPhotos from open sources of

Thousands of Chinese Foshan witnesses startling and even a shocking phenomenon. Right in the sky above their heads a ghost town suddenly appeared, the explanation of the appearance of which world scientists cannot find so far. Amazed Chinese began to photograph an amazing phenomenon and record it on video. The mirage hung in the air for several minutes, then without a trace disappeared, leaving people completely at a loss.

The phenomenon has already been christened in the World Wide Web by air metropolis. It really looked like a big heavenly city with countless skyscrapers, towers and columns. Despite the fact that it was visible only a couple of minutes, appeared on the Internet Numerous photographs and videos that captured ghost town. In addition, reports on the phenomenon were shown by most TV channels of the People’s Republic of China.

Among the regulars of the Network a few fantastic theories regarding the emergence of an air metropolis. Some users are sure that for some reason they overlap each other each other’s two dimensions, and the city from the future or parallel reality. Us, earthlings, its inhabitants probably could not see as a relatively futuristic metropolis city Foshan was most likely below ground level.

Other people think it’s a secret experiment – it is possible that a mysterious heavenly city somewhere really exists and the powers that be testing teleportation of a large settlement. there is also speculation that the metropolis is actually really there located, however, is invisible. And probably also intangible, because the air traffic over Foshan is very intense, and the very first plane otherwise you must crashed into heavenly towers.

Scientists, as mentioned above, are unable to explain the anomaly. Many experts suggest that it was a Fata Morgana – optical atmospheric phenomenon during which far away appear complex mirages. Most often, Fata Morgana can be seen on the sea horizon – it often resembles ships in its appearance (it is believed that the legend of the Flying Dutchman arose).

On land, far from the sea, something similar was only seen in Nigeria, when the inhabitants of the village of Dudali observed floating in the sky a city with large buildings, along which people walked, cars drove and I even heard the noise of either a factory or a huge construction site.


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