A giant eye was noticed over Odessa the sky

A giant eye in the sky was noticed over OdessaPhoto from open sources

Ukrainian artist Olga Yarovaya photographed a couple of days back the sky over the sea in Odessa and received a very unexpected shot. The picture captured an incomprehensible anomaly in the clouds, suspiciously looking like a giant human eye.

The girl talks about this with undisguised enthusiasm:

It rained that day, and it seemed like this “all-seeing eye” cries above the water. I still thought: quite perhaps all this just seems to me like an artist endowed imagination to see this world in a slightly different way than other people, however look at the photo – my camera lens noticed the same most, although it has neither imagination nor even consciousness. Or still possesses? .. Surprised by the received image, Ukrainian posted a mysterious photo on Facebook, sharing with Web multimillion audience discovered in the sky by a miracle.

A photo from open sources

Some users of the resource immediately felt that this is the most real sign: perhaps religious or some another sense. For example, according to the theory of intelligent clouds, like it is they who send the signs. According to other commentators, in front of us is just a bizarre rainforest formed pareidolic illusion. Still others suggest that from the sea rose some ghostly giant, whose eye still managed capture in the picture.

Be that as it may, Olga’s frame impressed many very much – like her compatriots and other regulars of the social network Facebook …

However, mysterious phenomena in recent times is becoming more, and most often they appear in the sky. Watch the video about some of them that happened only this year.

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