A giant god appeared in the sky over Yorkshire eye

In the sky above Yorkshire appeared a giant divine eye.Photo from open sources

Leeds resident of Yorkshire Great Britain photographed an amazing cloud in the form of a giant eye, as if watching from above the earthlings.

Briton Graham Telford at 46 years old who shot a lot of interesting natural phenomena, including those incomparable in their structure lenticular clouds, this time was somewhat discouraged seen.

A photo from open sources

First, he says, such an ideal eye shape in itself fantastic, secondly, when I shot this cloud, I got a clear feeling that this giant eye is watching me. it how you look into your eyes, only here you look into the eye of yourself Of God.

A cloud in the form of a huge eye held out in the sky of everything a few seconds, but that was enough to surprise and even shock experienced photographer Graham Telford, a man who is up he did not believe in any mysticism. He is still trying to explain what happened is rational, but he doesn’t do it well, especially as for the sensations that arose at that moment.

A photo from open sources

But Internet users easily believed in the mystical the origin of the celestial eye – the lord’s eye. No warning whether it is earthlings who in their frenzy have already gone too long away?

Some recalled a recent prophecy on the Web. Great Wangs about the Third World War, which, apparently is coming. Vangelina talked about the numerous military conflicts of our time, massacres and terrible famine, and also about the world, which will come as soon as Syria falls.

A photo from open sources

As the friend of the Bulgarian seer Dimitry Gachev recalls, such in words, she answered the question of a Lebanese journalist – when did Can there be universal peace on the planet? A man will save everyone, added more then Wang, who will come from Russia. Russia is the mother country, here the forces of good are concentrated. It is Russia that will come to the aid of the world, although many people will die before that, for example, Europe will just wiped from the face of the Earth – and not by atomic, but by climatic weapons.

Today, as we know, Syria has become a stumbling block for world nuclear powers, it is here that has long been deployed World War III, although no one openly talks about it, in including journalists. Is the giant eye tied over Yorkshire somehow with the prophecy of Wang, is unknown. But crop circles, also with readable warning symbols appear now also in the UK. Maybe this country is chosen for such warnings because if something happens she is the first will suffer in Europe? ..

A photo from open sources

Vanga Great Britain War Russia Syria

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