A giant moving city will be busy soon desert landscaping

This incredible autonomous moving city set on 16 “legs”, was originally designed to move missiles NASA, but at the moment this whopper with a whole vibrant city on the board represents a much more peaceful purpose – landscaping deserts.

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As desertification gradually accelerates due to climate change and massive logging annually into the desert turning over forty six thousand square miles of arable land. According to the UN, this problem will soon affect about a billion people around the planet, because nowadays North African and rural people in China are struggling with poverty – thus, the loss of farmland will cause them crushing blow.

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In addition to the platform itself on a caterpillar track, soar above the city giant balloons that absorb water condensate. Because the the first steps of this whopper turn the soil, Green Machine uses some moisture from these balls to soften the earth, subsequent sets of “legs” introduce seeds, fertilizers and water for watering.

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Originally developed by Malka Architecture and Yachar Bouhaya Architecture for the Venice Biennale this giant a mobile oasis sowing seeds can one day restrain dust and Sahara sand, circling its borders.

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The whole system runs on renewable energy sources, using a combination of solar tower wind farms engines, as well as a generator that creates electricity, using the differences in temperature of day and night in the desert. In theory, the machine can produce enough energy for providing autonomous existence for a small town on board: housing, schools, parks, companies and, of course, farmland to provide the population with products.

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Architects are currently working on the development of the project on Moroccan side of the Sahara desert.

For skeptics who doubt the feasibility of such unrealistic machine sizes, architects have long had an answer, because for such a large-scale international problem, a solution must to be gigantic.

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