The most luxurious and modern cruise trains Of Japan

Japan'sA photo from open sources You have the opportunity to see in which luxurious conditions, tourists who can afford it will travel the most scenic routes of Japan in the near Japan introduced several new luxury cruise models recently designed trains East Japan Railway Company by designer Ferrari Ken Okuyama.

2japans-coolest-new-trains-10A photo from open sources

You have the opportunity to see in what chic conditions tourists who can afford it will travel around Japan’s most scenic routes.

1 Architectural sketch (rendering) of the interior of the living room in the new an elite wagon of the east japanese railway company which scheduled to be commissioned in 2017. Car design designed by Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama.

japans-coolest-new-trains-8A photo from open sources

2 This is what luxury apartments look like in the new cruise train East Japanese Railway Company.

japans-coolest-new-trains-9A photo from open sources

3 General view of the suites, including a separate living room and bathroom on east japan rail train cruise train company.

j434apans-coolest-new-trains-2A photo from open sources

4 The proposed interior dining car.

japans-coolest-new-trains-7A photo from open sources

5 Sketch of the interior of the wagon.

japans-coolest-new-trains-6A photo from open sources

6 It looks like an elite East Japanese cruise train railway company.

japans-coolest-new-trains-1A photo from open sources

7 Living room in a luxury cruise train suite.

japans-coolest-new-trains-5A photo from open sources

8 Interior sketch of a bathroom in a luxury apartment.

japans-coolest-new-trains-4A photo from open sources

9 A fragment of the interior of a second-class coupe in the new cruise train company.

japans-coolest-new-trains-3A photo from open sources

10 Appearance of an elite cruise train to be introduced in operation in 2017.

japans-coolest-new-trains-10A photo from open sources

11 Branch of the East Japan Railway Company at Kyushu Island introduced coupe interior for VIP passengers in Seven Star Cruise Train October 10, 2013. A four day cruise around the island in such a luxury coupe costs the lucky 560 thousand Japanese yen, or approximately 5300 US dollars.

japans-coolest-new-trains-12A photo from open sources

12 Interior design of a car with therapeutic foot baths in the new East Toreyu Railway Company Cruise Train Tsubasa “, presented June 30, 2014 in the city of Yamagata. Passengers will have the opportunity to take a traditional bath, and at the same time get treatment procedures for sore feet in special bathtubs about two and a half meters long, and then gather in living room, where they will be offered a variety of drinks. This is an innovation. introduced on the Yamagata Shinkansen railway line from July 19 and will be at the services of tourists until September of this year.

japans-coolest-new-trains-11A photo from open sources

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