Liquid brain implants can increase our intelligence

Liquid brain implants can increase our intelligence.A photo from open sources

Scientists from the University of Michigan found that digital information can be stored on colloidal clusters, translating them into one of the states is 0 or 1 in traditional binary logic.

Research author, Sharon University of Michigan chemical engineer Glotzer describes a new technology using the Rubik’s Cube as an example. Imagine solution nanoparticles as colors of a cube, each which are connected to the central sphere, which can rotate in different directions to arrange them.

“If we can number all these different patterns – or states – and understand how we can move from one of them to another, we can encode information with their help, “says Glotzer. “The more colors we have, the more states we available, and the more information we can save. ”

Theoretically, a teaspoon of water containing nanoparticles can save up to several terabytes of data. This innovative way data storage capable of ensuring the creation of biocompatible nanoparticles that can be used internally – and in tandem – with the human body.

One of the practical applications of such technologies could be simple sensor. Nanoparticle clusters can be injected into the bloodstream for monitoring, for example, sugar levels.

Another application that could potentially be implemented already in coming years may become “passive sensors.” They are capable replace “expiration dates” on product packages by changing their color, when the food in them becomes unusable.

And in the wildest concepts, such digital colloids can find use in brain implants that can help to the human brain in processing additional information, or complex calculations without the help of technology. This will allow us to learn and absorb information at an unprecedented pace.

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