Scandinavian cities building future megacities

In Scandinavia, built megacities of the futureA photo from open sources New supercity will include almost half the population of this country

The term “megacities” is usually associated with such urban agglomerations like Delhi, Mexico City, or New York. Few will come to mind is a word when thinking of Scandinavia.

3033176-inline-screen-shot-2014-07-16-at-50715-pmA photo from open sources

And although there are no New York-sized cities in this country, the new Scandinavian project of the eight millionth city claims to laurels namely megalopolis. This is exactly the size of the population in the corridor. between the three key cities of this region – Oslo (in Norway), Gothenburg (in Sweden) and Copenhagen (in Denmark).

In the old days, this triangle would have been extremely difficult talk like a megacity because its extreme points are divided 600 kilometers away and 7.5 hours by train. However new project intends to build high-speed by 2025 rail that will deliver people from one end this corridor to another in just 2.5 hours.

3033176-inline-screen-shot-2014-07-16-at-45255-pmA photo from open sources

And therefore, 14 local and regional institutions and organizations, with support from the European Union, intend to unite all three of these cities in one megaregion.

The construction of a transit system is only the beginning, and the whole the project will require the highest level of cooperation between the three countries. The new region will include almost half of everything Scandinavian population, its two largest airports, the largest seaport, 29 colleges and universities, as well as four famous opera houses. ”

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