In the Czech Republic, a new medicine completely cured dying of blood cancer

In the Czech Republic, a new medicine completely cured a dying man from blood cancerA photo from open sources

Specialists of the Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion in the Czech Republic cured a 27-year-old patient with acute lymphoblastic leukemia whose the chances of survival were nil.

Shortly before this, the guy, as inevitably happens in and patients with this type of blood cancer relapse. Then the body stopped responding to any medications and chemotherapy. The patient had to live for several weeks. And then The doctors decided to try a completely new type of medicine for the Czech Republic. Suddenly, it helped stabilize the patient’s condition – and through time tests unexpectedly for everyone showed that there is no cancer! Doctor Medical Sciences Cyril Shalek from the Institute of Hematology and CR blood transfusion told reporters that this drug belongs to the new family of monoclonal antibodies. One end of it molecules binds to leukemia cells, the second to healthy ones. Moreover, each molecule acts as a single powerful part of the immune systems whose natural function is to kill alien and sick cells. The tool is in a special large ampoule. A patient constantly carries it with her, she is connected to his vein. Through evenly spaced medicine with a special pump injected into the blood, and it begins to act “In the present time we can say that we seem to have found a revolutionary approach to the treatment of hematologic diseases, “the doctor is sure Shalek.


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