NASA has tested the engine, which is impossible with point of view of the laws of physics

NASA tested an engine that is impossible in terms of the laws of physicsA photo from open sources Until yesterday, all international scientific the community laughed at this engine and its creator, British inventor Roger Shawer. Why? Because the EmDrive engine he created is physically impossible because he completely contrary to the fundamental laws of physics. However yesterday skeptics had to remove their skeptical smirks from their faces, because that the quantum vacuum plasma engine is really works, although scientists still cannot explain why. Created Shoer engine is very light and simple in its design. is he creates the necessary traction “by vibrating microwaves around vacuum container. “With this electricity, which is necessary to create microwaves, can be mined from sunlight. Other in words, this engine does not require the use of fuel and can actually work forever or at least until mechanical breakdown. Gizmodo portal notes that at first glance the idea of ​​such an engine really seems crazy. In theory such an installation simply should not work. As a result, everything from this idea The world scientific community has decided to quickly disown itself. Behind Except for a team of Chinese scientists. They built the same engine in 2009, and it worked too. The Chinese have created an engine with a thrust of 720 millinewton, which was enough for use it, for example, on some satellite. And yet less no one believed in this engine. However an american scientist Guido Fetta and the NASA Eagleworks team – guys are engaged the development of new technologies for space engines, – under Dr. Harold White of the Space Center Lyndon Johnson published an article that says that a similar engine created by them on the basis of the same principles that Schoer suggested, it really works and creates traction, although this contrary to the fundamental law of physics on the conservation of momentum. “Tests have shown that the unique design a microwave engine really allows you to create power which cannot be described from a classical point of view an electromagnetic phenomenon, and yet the installation suggests interaction with the quantum vacuum of a virtual plasma. “In general the idea of ​​an engine created, the operation of which contradicts the main the principles of the law on conservation of momentum may seem insane. But more impressive here is that such an engine was created by two independent expert teams. It is very likely that the fact of work such an engine is a simple mistake that was made two teams in its construction, however, as noted Gizmodo, in the near future they will probably want to check out this idea Russian and European scientists.


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