A girl who doesn’t feel pain

For most children, torn knees and tears following them are a normal part of childhood. But in Alice Rambridge’s life there have never been such cases, because she is not able to to feel pain.

A girl who does not feel painA photo from open sources

A nine year old girl suffers from a rare disease that expressed in the fact that the hemispheres of her brain are not connected, as should be. A disease called callosity agenesis body (AMT), means that even when Alice touches a hot stove, burning her, she will not react in any way.

Schoolgirl’s illness that made her pain threshold extremely tall, so rare that it’s known about 50 people in the world, suffering from her. It also means that the girl is not able to describe pain, despite the fact that she, like all children, suffers from colds and tonsillitis.

“Alice falls and knocks down just like all the children, but she doesn’t reacts to this, says the girl’s mother, 37-year-old Lindsay. – She I never cried and I began to wonder if she has generally the lacrimal ducts. ”

The danger of the disease is that when a girl falls ill, she does not may feel that something is wrong with her. Her mother has to constantly ensure that the child is safe and not hurt myself.

“Once she put her hand on a hot stove, but continued play as if nothing had happened, says the mother. – IN another time she broke her forehead badly, but didn’t even pay attention to it attention. ”

AMT was diagnosed in Alice when she was 19 months old, writes in a recent issue of the British online edition of Mail Online.

A photo from open sources

A disease is defined as total or partial absence the corpus callosum – the structure that connects the two hemispheres brain. It occurs in cases where the nervous the fibers that form the corpus callosum do not form, and this means that signals cannot be transmitted between hemispheres brain. A rare genetic disease also causes lag in brain development.

In addition to AMT, Alice also suffers from epilepsy, a global developmental delays, problems with swallowing, sensory difficulties, eczema, low muscle tone, and a weak immune system that is the cause of frequent illnesses.

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