A house that has long been watched by the elusive “Observer”, decided to sell

A house that the elusive has been following for a long timeA photo from open sources

Mysterious house in the American city of Westfield, New Jersey finally decided to sell. Current homeowners are fed up with permanent harassment by the so-called “Observer”, whose personality still remains a complete secret.

The family living here claims it can no longer expose yourself at risk, so the property will be sold, and for a reasonable undervalued price. Perhaps there really are buyers who wish to purchase a cottage, presumably located under the constant eye of a joker, maniac, pervert or even supernatural guest.

The story of the creepy “Observer”

It all started in June 2014, when the couple Derek and Maria Broaddus drove here with his three children. Buying luxury two-story mansion cost them $ 1.3 million. However in soon new residents began to find in their inbox mysterious and frightening letters left by a certain “Observer”, how he calls himself.

A photo from open sources

Here, for example, the content of one of these messages:

My grandfather watched this house in the 1920s, my father – in the 1960s. Now it’s my turn. You already found what hidden in the walls? I think you will find it over time. I already know yours names, and I am very pleased to realize that you brought me a young blood. Who owns the bedroom facing the street? I will learn about this as soon as one of you settles there. I will be sure Know who and where among you is sleeping. This will allow me to plan better. their actions. All the doors and windows in the house allow me to constantly watch you. I can’t wait for the time when young blood will become mine.

Creepy, isn’t it? As you might guess, Broadduses instantly turned to the police. Law enforcement officers, however, were not shocked by these letters as much as Derek and Maria. It turned out that the former owner of the cottage is an elderly military man in retired – also repeatedly received similar messages, however treated them with humor and even left the unknown to the ill-wisher ironic reply notes.

Is “observer” paranormal?

Law enforcers fingerprinted paper on which letters were neatly drawn in ink, however did not find fingerprints. No traces of DNA were found. By According to the police, this is a joke of one of the neighbors, which, nevertheless, less, it looks like a threat, so the author should be involved to accountability. Unfortunately, this has not yet been done. managed. Even when the Broadduses installed a video camera in their yard, she still has not captured anyone. Meanwhile sinister messages continue to appear in the mailbox – as if from out of nowhere!

Westfield is considered one of the safest to stay in America places, however, what happens to this cottage, undoubtedly goes far beyond any norm. Not only here you’ll sell your house, but you’ll leave the city altogether, as, in fact, Broadduses are now planning to do so, failing to find support from law enforcement.

DNA time

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