A huge chunk of ice suddenly fell from the sky

A huge chunk of ice suddenly fell from the skyPhotos from open sources of

In the USA in the city of Modesto California on the roof of a private house a solid piece of ice fell from the sky. Naturally he broke the roof and flew into the garage, making not only a lot of noise, but also having committed a little pogrom here.

Family members were very frightened by the roar and strong shaking, who accompanied this sudden invasion from heaven. In fright they ran out into the garage room as the alleged explosion happened there, and saw scattered pieces of ice on the floor, and there’s a big hole in the roof. Fortunately, neither people nor even the car hit by an “ice meteorite.”

The owners of the house did not know what to think. Only later when on not only the police arrived at the scene, but also scientists, ufologists, reporters, it turned out that an ice block had crashed into the garage from the sky no less than with a basketball.

Meteorologists immediately rejected the version of natural origin this piece of ice – this simply cannot be, especially among clear sky in hot weather. The first assumption was that the culprit of this incident was a passenger plane.

But experts have denied this version because of toilet water passenger aircraft added dye blue shade. Not a single bit of ice collapsed from the sky coloring is pure frozen water. Now chemists are analyzing her on the subject of where she could come from and where she managed freeze into such a big piece.

Web users make their assumptions. According to some of online analysts, a piece of ice is some kind of sign from above, but because investigate this incident should not be invited meteorologists and chemists, and psychics and mediums. Others make the assumption that the cause of the fall of a large piece of ice from the clear sky could be aliens who in this way wanted to attract attention Americans to an approaching disaster for their country. But all agree that this is a purely anomalous phenomenon, and its causes one must look not in the limited plane of orthodox science.

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