A huge city flies above the earth

A photo from open sources

In 1988, the “flying city” was spotted by a Chilean crew patrol plane flying over a desert mountain terrain.

A photo from open sources

Noticing a megapolis glowing with lights below, astonished pilots decided that it could only be Antofagasta – a major port on north of Chile. But how could he be here – they could not understand. Going into a circle above the city, they contacted the dispatcher. That clarified their location. “You are following the right course, – said the dispatcher. “There is no city beneath you.”

And a minute later, the pilots decided that they got confused in eyes: a strange city budged and swam, gaining speed, somewhere to the northwest. Soon its retreating lights merged into a spot that disappeared into the clouds.

Apparently, the same “city” in 1996 saw the crew of another airliner. This also happened over the Andes.

Recently, a similar report was received by the American media incident in 2006. This time a mysterious city noticed the crew of a private jet flying from Colombia to Polynesia In the Galapagos Islands, a plane flew over thick cloud cover.

“Suddenly a large light spot appeared to our left in the clouds, – report the pilots. – We took away from him, but dodge meetings could not. The spot passed right below us. It was big a city flooded with lights. In the breaks of the clouds we saw him at home modernist architecture, hundreds of luminous windows and lanterns along straight intersecting at right angles.

Luminous cars moved through the streets, above streets and houses flying the same luminous aircraft. The city was very similar to earthly, but he was not earthly. We watched him no more minutes. The speed of its movement can be estimated at 30–35 kilometers at one o’clock. Visibility was poor, clouds interfered, but we did a few shots … ”

Eyewitnesses were interrogated by the U.S. Air Force Intelligence Agency, where they made a commitment to not disclose the incident. Became about him known only now. After meeting with the “flying city” of one nightmares began to torment the pilots. At the end of last year, he turned to the therapist. Then, in hypnosis sessions, and surfaced this mysterious story.

Igor Volozev, “Anomalous News”

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