A huge dark disk arose over the lake in USA

A huge dark disk appeared over a lake in the USAPhoto from open sources

An amazing video posted a few days ago in The World Wide Web, showcases North American Lake Erie, stretching across the Canadian province of Ontario as well as the American Ohio, Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania. On the mysterious the frames are clearly visible dark disc-shaped object of huge sizes hovering over the water horizon.

Some viewers who have watched the video claim that under UFO noticeably reflected in it.

Of course, users of the World Wide Web began to argue about what was the disk soaring above the lake. Alone expected believe that it was an alien ship. According to others, speech talking about a fancy lenticular cloud. Still others speak of the phenomenon mystical or even religious nature. If you believe the fourth, before us a submarine surfaced to the surface. Still others are sure that an unknown operator captured a rare mirage called Fata Morgana.

In any case, the video interested many, especially since experts determined: the recording is genuine without the slightest editing, and it means that there was still something over Lake Erie at that moment. Pity that such cases for the most part remain for us in riddles. Or maybe this is the meaning of our existence? ..


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