A huge object found in the Gobi Desert strange destination

A huge obscure object found in the Gobi DesertA photo from open sources

Virtual archaeologists Blake and Brett Cousins, constantly searching for various artifacts and some “misunderstandings” on map services the other day using the Google app Earth discovered a pile of strange structures in the Gobi Desert, what became a sensation for netizens the Internet.

Giant object of regular geometric shape and incomprehensible destination is located in China (on the border with Mongolia), on Google Earth maps it is not indicated in any way, and therefore the authors discoveries make all kinds of assumptions, starting from a military base and ending with a secret research station, somehow related to space exploration or even UFOs.

A photo from open sources

The strangest, they write, for example, agency staff “Sputnik” that this grandiose construction in the desert to anyone unknown, it is not clear why it was necessary to build it here and how she serves the purposes. At a certain increase, you can consider even planes on the surface of the earth and runways, although it doesn’t explain anything.

In addition, on the territory of the mysterious object are viewed even more mysterious buildings in the form of “eight”, purpose which is hard to even imagine. If this is a secret base, then it is not clear how she got on the cartographic images service in such a “flashy form.” And if not, then what is it, ask journalists, ufologists, conspiracy theorists, and, of course, the virtual archaeologists themselves who discovered such amazing artifact?

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