A huge piece of ice fell from the sky in the middle Of London

A huge piece of ice fell from the sky in the middle of LondonPhoto from open sources

A taxi park owned surveillance camera on one of central streets of London captured something unusual. Huge a piece of ice fell on the road and scattered into many small fragments.

By turning on the video below, you can see the incident with your own eyes. Two pedestrians caught witnesses to this, were very surprised by what happened. Surely in then a thought flashed through each of their heads: I stand. Obviously, to any person whom such block, not good.

It is assumed that this is a piece of ice, frozen high on airliner and subsequently crashed down. Officials however claim that on February 7, at 9:08 in the morning, when this incident, no aircraft flew from above. Moreover, such ice blocks periodically fall from the sky here and there, and because pilots and generally aeronautics specialists have long been explained: nothing like this can fall even cleanly from an airplane theoretically, not to mention the realities of such ice formations.

But where did the ice block come from then? May have fallen with a flying saucer, some users of the World cobwebs, although even on an airplane such formations are impossible … According to another hypothesis put forward by the regulars of the Network, ice emerged from a parallel world. And what, there is simply no other explanation exists because all other theories, especially purely materialistic, simply do not stand up to criticism …


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