A huge “raft” of pumice drifts in the Pacific the ocean

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Scientists have discovered a “raft” made up of pumice that floats to Australia According to scientists, this phenomenon gives hope for restoration of the Great Barrier Reef.

The first to stumble upon travelers floating nearby on a catamaran. They said that when they swam into this unusual place, then found in it various stones large and small sizes.

Following the travelers to the floating “island” came scientists. They are sure that such a mass of pumice accumulated in one place could appear as a result of an eruption of an underwater volcano. It is near Tonga. The area of ​​this island is about 150 square meters.

Pumice formation occurs as a result of rapid cooling. molten rock, which then becomes light and porous. The eruption that occurred on August 7 became known thanks to satellites.

Scientists believe that such an accumulation of pumice will allow marine microorganisms get on the Great Barrier Reef and restore it after the bleaching crisis.

ESOREITER previously talked about the strange behavior of some volcanoes.

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