A large UFO hit the video during california fires

A large UFO hit the video during California firesA photo from open sources

In the state of California, as you know, an unprecedented forest erupted fires, and no one can determine their exact cause.

Last week, one of the American news channels showed a disaster report and many attentive viewers suddenly noticed something strange on their screens TVs.

The video below clearly shows a large and a dark horizontal object emerging from puffs of smoke and slowly floating across the sky to the side. What could it be? “Flying plate “aliens? Some kind of atmospheric anomaly? Climatic weapons of US enemies? Alternative experts, conspiracy theorists and Internet enthusiasts are at a loss.

One thing is for sure: this is not installation. Journalists covered live fires and it would be ridiculous suggest that one of the TV people wanted (and even managed somehow) add such a detail to the video. Difficult on the other hand imagine that no one noticed a similar object over California live. However, the inhabitants of these cities were not up to aliens …

What do you think about what happened? Maybe on the lens did a worm crawl through the cameras?

Be that as it may, these mysterious shots circled many foreign sites dedicated to ufology and paranormalism, having done there is a lot of noise among users of the English-language segment of the Network. California fires already drive conspiracy theorists and ufologists crazy their mysterious phenomena, and then there are “flying saucers” as confirmation of many conspiracy theories …

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