A luminous creature resembling an angel was filmed on video

A luminous creature resembling an angel was filmed on videoA photo from open sources

YouTube’s Mystery World HD Channel Hosted a very interesting video that captures something unusual in the sky.

Unfortunately, the authors of the video did not provide any Information: where did this happen, when, who captured this angel among the clouds? On the other hand, the video itself is so it’s self-sufficient that, to him, it seems, no explanation and no necessary.

You can immediately understand that this is a cute bright cloud in the form of an angel cannot possibly be a product of gray clouds that him surround. In addition, an amazing cloud is played, as it were, turning into an angel, then blurring into something formless – it frolic in the sky and obviously does it consciously …

There is a wonderful theory that clouds are intelligent creatures. Maybe not all, but the one that fell into the lens of this camera – certainly.


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